Wordleberry: the Prologue

Every Word had a beginning. They all started somewhere as a way to communicate. The words have meaning. They are a way to describe, to announce, to declare, to identify, to attempt to make sense of what it is to be human. From the first word ever spoken, to the written word, until now and the ways in which we make sense of those words by putting them one after another in a long line of words to create sentences, paragraphs, poems, novels, reports, websites, blogs, billboards, packaging, emails, labels, merchandise, magazines, facebook, twitter…

All of the ways in which we can put our words out there as some form of expression โ€“ creative, intellectual, emotional, spiritual…sometimes just because we can.

And adding to this, new words are created all the time, and will continue to come into existence. Some of us even have our own words between friends, languages in our generation, languages within a language for our culture and our time. What a word means today may be very different to how it was even 30 years ago. Words become what they are and develop their meaning over time because we influence, shape and believe them to be so.

WORDLEBERRYย is my word. It means “The deliciousness of the written word”.

It is a feeling. It’s that warm spine tingling smile that fills me when I write. When I write the first words of a new project, when I read over and edit a piece of work that I actually do like, it’s getting to that point of satisfaction that you have delicately yet passionately poured enough of yourself onto the page and it feels good and right and you feel like a more complete person for having finished that sentence.

Mmmmm…. Wordleberry…..

And I really don’t care if I sound like a crazy person, right now I’m writing, and I’m filled with Wordleberry.

This blog Wordleberry, so named after the feeling, is a way for me to connect to how I feel about writing. What putting my words down does for me, how it gives me focus, purpose, how it helps to try to make sense of my world, what being human means to me. More specifically, I want to write about writing, different aspects of writing, the phases, the emotions, the frustrations and the experiences. From the start. So please stay tuned for Chapter 1: the beginning.

I hope you enjoyed the prologue. If you did, please leave a comment below, share with your friends, or maybe tell me about your word, whether it is a real word or something that is only real to you, I’d love to hear about it.


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