Acceptance – a message from your heart and soul.

I had a yoga class tonight, the first one in weeks (possibly a month or two…) and it was awesome! Bikram yoga really does put your body, mind and soul through its paces.

I had my favourite instructor Mara on tonight- she always has such lovely things to say, and something she said tonight really struck a chord with me (well two things, the other I have already posted on “living in tolerance”).

The mind isn’t meant to comprehend some things. We have our 5 physical senses, and then the 6th sense – the mind, which is what makes sense of everything your senses collect. But sometimes the mind isn’t meant to understand what is around us. You just have to let it be.

Mara talked about the thoughts in your head that go round and round, the ones that come back over and over; your mind struggles to comprehend them, make sense of the insensible.  Some things aren’t meant to be understood by the mind, they are matters of the heart and the soul.

A few days ago a was sitting by myself on the beach after work with a notebook and the sound of the ocean. It was nice to sit and take in what was around me, but there were thoughts in my mind that kept going around and around. Making clutter. I was trying to write down what was going on and tried to make sense of my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions and the reactions I have to certain things and people in my life.

I sat on the beach for an hour, until it got chilly, then moved to the hill in the park behind the beach. Under lamp light I continued to write. I was confused and ached in my heart for reasons I couldn’t understand, nor even comprehend.

Eventually it dawned on me… Acceptance. Acceptance is the key sometimes. It isn’t always about having an answer, or making sense. Sometimes in life there are questions you just don’t have the answers to, and may never have the answers to. Sometimes you have to stop asking why, and accept the current state without questioning why it is so. Just because your mind doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real, or you don’t feel it. They are matters for the heart and the soul, somewhere deep inside you there is peace, it begins with acceptance.


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