Storylane: social networking with a difference

Storylane is a social networking site that focuses on telling stories about your life – or your views on life in general. Everyone has a story to tell. We all have them inside us.

It is easy to join up with facebook, twitter or traditional email address and the difference with Storylane is that it doesn’t care what your “stats” are. The usual questions that we dribble on with like our schooling or hobbies (let’s face it – hardly anyone reads this anyway) are nowhere to be seen! The essentials come from your facebook or twitter account.

Once you are in you are free to roam around the countless stories, leaving your “feedback” if you wish. There are no comments sections, but you can click a little feedback button to “like” it,  be “inspired” by it, be “moved” by it, among others, as well as share it with friends on facebook or twitter if you think others would love to read the story.

To me it’s kind of like micro-blogging. Quick and simple. It almost made me give up wordleberry. Almost! Traditional blogging has it’s perks so I will continue to do both, but others may like to sign up and share thoughts and stories, you can remain as anonymous as you like – especially if you just sign up with an email.

You might just like to read.

In the “stories” tab there are prompting questions to get you thinking, and other storylaners can ask you a question as well. I have found as a writer it has helped get the cogs of my mind thinking and has started prompting me to write. Just to write, about anything and everything.

Below is a recent story I posted on Storylane. Come and visit me here:

Hope you enjoy the site and you might even find it gives you some freedom to write and get your stories out there in complete anonymity, and you might be surpirsed by the reactions you get.


What have I learned from failed relationships? I have learned that they were not failures. They were lessons in life and in love.
I did not fail, they did not fail. I cannot say we failed each other. To fail is to not succeed. What is it exactly we that we were supposed to be succeeding at? What is the expectation we were meant to meet? And now that we are not together, we have failed? Who have we failed? Each other or ourselves? We loved, and we lost. That is not failure. That is a blessing. To love and be loved.
I have learned the act of loving is the lesson. Loving another person other than yourself, choosing them, sharing yourself – your time, your life, your heart. It changes you. In whatever way it may. I have learned a relationship does not fail, it comes and goes for a reason – to make you who you are. Whether it is for now or it is forever a relationship succeeds at teaching you about yourself. I have learned love is powerful, and wonderful, it is a gift, I have learned you must treasure every moment you are in love and remember the bliss and the heaven in your heart for having love touch your life.
I have learned that you mustn’t let the pain steel your heart. Because you will lose yourself instead of learning about yourself. I have learned never give anyone everything you are and everything you have because then you have lost who you are. Once you are lost what is there to love? Where is the person they fell in love with?
I have learned if your heart breaks you should grieve. Because sometimes it is like someone died or a part of you has. Grieve it. Then let it go. Looking back isn’t always advised, unless you look back with love in your heart and you can appreciate it for what it was. It is in the past and you can’t change anything about it, which is not a failure in life but a success in living.
I have learned that this is my path. Whatever happened or is going to happen has done so or will do so for a reason. This is my journey, and I’m blessed that loving is a part of my journey. I have learned that we aren’t all that lucky, so we should be thankful for who has been able to touch our hearts. Treasure that, because only a select few do, and they do for a reason. The reason is you.


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