Why do we do it? Is it because we think we might miss out on something while our head is buried in our notebooks? What is it that we think we will miss?

I know how hard it is myself to turn off Facebook, twitter, the TV, and just WRITE! Just focus.
I’m going to have an honest moment here and say I like to say I’m a writer. Here I am, writing, that’s what I do, right?
I even have a buttload of inspiration around me in the form of other writers I have connected with over the years. Yes, YEARS. So year after year their novels come to completion and find their way into some form of publication. Or they are in competitions, attending workshops. And here I sit. With my coffee and gluten-free raspberry coconut cake, writing about my procrastination instead of writing the freaking novel I’ve been “working” on for 4 years. Sigh.
Yes I know the answer to this – well stop writing the damn post and write the novel!

Okay, I will, I’m going now, I swear.

*Note: after jotting this down during the day, I did switch of facebook and twitter, went to the library and punched out 2000 words, a personal best for a while now. What do you do to switch off and get into the zone?


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