These boots were made for walking

IMG_9399While on these travels across the world I have been very conscious of the fact I have no form of income and therefore the funds I have are very limited and are dwindling.

Keeping this in mind I have been as stingy as possible at some points, which lead me to the following thoughts about what I should never be stingy on.

Shoes. Bras. Bags.

Yes those three things do sound quite material.

However. When you have your life in a BAG, and only 2 BRAS to your name and spend everyday in the same pair of SHOES, they all gain more importance.

A woman’s bra is important. How you feel about your breasts affects how you feel about yourself. If your bra is uncomfortable, the straps fall off your shoulders, boobs fall out the sides of them or out the top, sweat drips between them – oh it’s just not a great way to spend the day. It may sound silly (to males – although I’m sure somewhere out there we could have a great boobs vs balls debate) but I’m sure plenty of women will agree that when your boobs are uncomfortable, your life is uncomfortable. You might have be standing in some amazing temple in a small village on the coast of Vietnam, but if your stretched shitty bra is rubbing you the wrong way it makes you hate life almost detracts from the beauty in front of you. Which is sad. When you find the right bra, it’s worth the price. And get two.

Bags are important because you carry your life in them. Whether it’s the shoulder bag or the backpack. They need to be made well, and fit well. Similar to the bra theory. And to the below shoe theory. Take care of your back with the bags you put on it, and take care of how you carry your life around.

Now onto the reason for this post. My new boots. They’re so pretty. They are probably the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought. 125 EURO. About $200 AUD. To some this may be normal, but not to me. And especially not when I’m counting pennies.


BUT. While spending many an hour walking from hostel to transport, from coffee shop to temple, and church to museum, you really notice when you are wearing shoes not fit for such an adventure. I’ve been through 3 pairs of thongs already – one pair tragically burst the plug while caught in the flash flood in Phnom Penh, the second pair got ruined through a lot of walking in mud and water (that’s what you get when you mix Laos with leather thongs).

It was after these adventures in South-East Asia I realised that the shoes on my feet mattered. It may have also been while wearing joggers one size too small day after day.

So, when my dearest mother offered some birthday money to me I knew exactly what I needed. Not more clothes or food or alcohol. No. I purchased beautiful new boots. These boots are made for walking. They are a perfect fit and worth every cent.

In a metaphysical and real physical sense our feet walk us through life. If my feet hurt I’m less inclined to walk that extra mile that might show me something about this world I live in and that I came to see that I can’t imagine. Many a time I have skipped something because I didn’t want to talk there. Sometimes that extra mile might change everything.

The “yogalosophy” teacher Mandy Ingber quoted someone and said

“If you want to change your life, move your legs”

which resonated with me. I understand she was using it as a motivator during a part of the video, but while my “yoga” path didn’t stick, the quote did. I think of it more about my feet though. My life has changed. One foot after the other. Life. Has. Changed. And I am so happy when I look back and see how far I’ve come. In so many ways, that I can’t even begin to explain here. So, I thanked my feet with new shoes.

What helps you go that extra mile? What is one thing you always spend good money on? Not because you necessarily have good money to spend, but because you know it’s worth it?

Now, I’m off to spend the day walking around the city of Leipzig in Germany. Can’t wait to see where my boots will take me!


4 thoughts on “These boots were made for walking

  1. I had a beautiful pair of soft leather flat boots that I wore all over Europe… sadly after a few years they fell apart even with all the cobbling the best shoemakers in London did. I had to say goodbye to them, but I still miss them. Happy travels!

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