Introducing Nevaeh Eaton, my main character from Finding Heaven.

Okay, so I realise now my last post may have been slightly depressing. Especially to anyone waking up in the morning and reading it. So here I thought I’d balance it out with a except from a scene that has as much depth but is from the lighter side of life.

Nevaeh Eaton is my main character, FInding Heaven is told from her perspective, following the story of her first love from age twelve to twenty-six.

Eager to hear your thoughts:

That weekend we went to Burleigh Heads. All our friends were there, we sat on a multitude of picnic blankets on the hill watching the sun go down. I sat between his legs, his breath tickling my ears. He told me that I was right – our lives were just beginning. As the sun dipped below the horizon the sky was a plethora of colour. Blue, orange, pink, and green ribbons streaked across the sky.

‘Do you see that colour there?’ I asked. ‘The green in between the blue and the orange?’

‘Yes,’ Travis replied.

‘That’s the colour of your eyes.’

I could feel his smile against my cheek. I would often stare into his eyes, losing myself. I would forget time and place, and people around me. Travis ran his palm the length of my arm, his touch so tender. The feeling of skin to skin, it’s something that’s hard to describe, impossible to forget.

‘Is it?’ His voice was a melody, a vibration that melted my insides to honey.

‘Yep.’ I knew the smile on my face was the physical affirmation of the blazing happiness I had inside myself. I truly believed life just couldn’t get any better. ‘It’s always so hard to describe, the colour of your eyes. But that’s it, right there. The green in the sky after sunset.’


Have a good weekend!! xx


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