Author Interview with Lily Malone – Part 2: “Fairway to Heaven”

I’ve been catching up with Lily Malone, Australian Author of Contemporary Romance. You can see Part 1 of our chat here, in which we discussed breaking into the market, self-publishing and much more.

Today we are talking about Lily’s upcoming novel “Fairway to Heaven” which will be released January 8th 2014 (so close! so excited!)

Welcome back Lily!

Thanks Ali!

With the release of “Fairway to Heaven” fast approaching (January 8th 2014) how do you feel? Is the pressure mounting or are you calm knowing everything is ready to go?

I have lots of blogs to write and organise, and a blog hop to promote but not organise thanks to Rhyll Biest who is coordinating it for me. Check it out here: Beist Books – Bunker play and bog hop giveaway! There are still slots in it – if any writers are interested in coming along? You too Ali!

(Sounds like fun – I’m off to check it out straight after this chat!)

I have the story finished and polished as much as I can polish. I have the cover. I have also organised a few reviews and ARCs (Advance Review Copies) with book bloggers. Now it’s about letting people know it’s coming soon – and of course – I still have to actually make the e-pub file and get it loaded. That will be a bit closer to the release date though.

Let’s get to know “Fairway to Heaven”:NewFinalFair#2

It’s golf. But not as you know it.

When Jennifer Gates drives to Sea Breeze Golf Club to kick off date-night with her boyfriend, the last thing she expects is to find Golf-Pro Jack giving one of his lady students a private—and very personal—lesson in bunker-play.

Lucky for Jenn, her best friend gives her the keys to the Culhane family’s beach shack on the shores of Western Australia’s Geographe Bay. Jenn hopes a weekend on the coast with her young son will give her the space she needs to rebuild her confidence after Jack’s betrayal.

But she’s not the only person seeking sanctuary by the sea. Brayden Culhane is there too, and Jenn can’t look at Brayden without remembering the tequila-flavoured kiss they shared on the shack steps years ago.

As long-buried feelings are rekindled, and a friendship is renewed, Jenn knows it is more than lazy summer days bringing her mojo back. Romantic sunsets, ice-cold beers and the odd round of golf can only go so far, because this time, trusting Brayden with her heart won’t be enough. Jenn has to learn to trust her body, too.

Ooooh I’m so excited for this release! Do you have a favourite line from “Fairway to Heaven”?

I have lots – but I’ll tell you this one because it’s the last line I added to the book. (The line about Thor).

“Brayden steps lightly off the bottom step. He’s wearing a blue-checked shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbow – unbuttoned – over a white t-shirt with a faded yellow Corona logo. Charcoal-grey shorts finish just above his knees.

“I’ve forgotten how overwhelming he is. I’m tall, but there’s so much of him to go round. It’s a bit like watching Thor, but without the hammer.”

 If I say the word “cringe” do you instantly think of moments where while writing you felt sorry for the characters and the situation they were in? Can you tell us about one?

Poor old Jennifer Gates, my heroine. I threw a lot of stuff at her that makes me cringe. I felt awful for her when I made her peer in the bunker on the 12th at Sea Breeze Golf Course to kickstart the book; I feel awful for her every time I make her wear a pair of tight jeans (for very different reasons). And when I make her chug down a bottle of champagne and watch cricket, that gets pretty nasty too.

Do you have a favourite moment from the novel? Can you tell us about it without giving away any spoilers?

I love the scene in the golf shop where Jenn first picks up a golf club (she hasn’t played in about two years). I love it because her hero knows that this (playing golf again) is what she needs, better than Jenn knows herself.

Can you sum up the themes or feeling of “Fairway to Heaven” in four words?

Golfer girl regains mojo.

Love it! Thanks for coming by Lily and telling us about “Fairway to Heaven”.

I hope Lily had fun with us and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know more about Lily and her work. I’ve read some snippets of “Fairway to Heaven” posted on her blog, if you’d like to know more, head on ever and check them out!

To find out more about what makes Lily tick, visit her blog: and check the About pages.
Lily is on Facebook:
And Twitter:


Australian Contemporary Romance
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See you next time!


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