Introduction to Naughty Ninjas: Man flesh, a descriptive playground.

I was introduced to “Naught Ninjas” by my dear author friend Lily Malone, who is one sixth of the Naught Ninja collaboration. You are probably wondering what this all is, just like I was. Ninja Love

Here is an intro from their site [link]:

“We decided to see what would happen if all six author brains pulled together in a tandem effort, like a team of eager but easily distracted huskies tied to a giant, mutant sled. This site is our sled. Our ninja sled. Who knew ninjas liked to sled and own huskies, right? Well, we do.”

To be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to catch up with their super-fast ninja brains – six ninjas all in one place makes for hectic writing. But, I am completely entertained.

I am loving clicking from one sextion (oop!) section to another, it’s like grabbing the reins on that sled and being catapulted through their minds– totally exhilarating and hilarious!

One particular post I wanted to bring to light, which is the reason for this post, is a piece titled “Ding Dong McCork Appreciation” [link] written by Rhyll “The Lady” Biest, which absolutely made my day: A hilarious collection of  possible novel references to man flesh.

Here is an example of one Corker: “Kickstand: Scarlett inspected the earl’s kickstand to check for sores. She’d worked in the brothel long enough to know that even noble clients could be poxy.”

And one that gave me such an appreciation for the lady-part name, I may have to use” it myself!! “Ding Dong McDork: Lady Penelope yearned for the earl’s Ding Dong McDork to fill her snizz.”


To fill her snizz. I love it!

If you fancy being taken for a brain-sloshing sled-ride by a bunch of “cupcakes. Romantic, fluffy cupcakes who write stuff designed to give you all the feels,” then head on over to Naughty Ninjas [link]. You may be surprised by what you read, what you feel and what you might finding yourself giggling about.



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