The no diet diet: what eight months of travel has taught me.

A post on my alter-ego blog about the food I’ve indulged in during my travels.

Living in Tolerance

Warning: the below post contains images of foods that some people can never eat, most people shouldn’t eat, and some foods that really shouldn’t be classified as “food”. You’ve been warned.

Eight months ago I have travelled from Australia to South-East Asia. From there I went north to China, then further north through Mongolia before taking a turn to the west across Russia by train, arriving in Moscow. I flew to Berlin, traipsed south to Nuremberg, then flew to London, then caught a train to Paris. Then I stayed in the French countryside of Normandy for three weeks, before catching the train back to London and spending three months in the UK, including a two week camper van trip across England, Wales and Scotland.

Six weeks ago, I flew from Manchester to Lisbon, in Portugal. Since then I have caught trains across Portugal, Spain, Southern-France and Italy, capping it off…

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