Simultaneously submitting: the search for publication AND job hunting.

So, le boyfriend and I returned from the world tour at the beginning of May. Since then we have made our way from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, back down to Nambucca for a wedding, up to Hamilton Island for a birthday, and finally back to the Sunshine Coast where we have secured and moved into our new house.

In between all that flitting around I have sent off manuscript submissions with personalised synopses, query letters and a perfectly edited manuscript to publishers, and many job applications with personalised cover letters and resumes.

It’s rather depressing. Well, it is when I don’t hear back from people. And when I get the “thanks, but no thanks” email. There are a lot of people job hunting and querying in the world, and editors/prospective employers can’t get back to EVERY applicant.

I understand that.

Still sucks.

You could say perhaps I should have focused on one of these two daunting tasks at a time to limit the rejection-leads-to-alcoholism ratio, but both of these tasks need to be done.

I have to get a job. I have to get my completed manuscript out there.

*heavy, laboured, sigh*

*another pause where I contemplate self-worth*

I know I will get there. Well, I don’t know. But I have to. So, using the logic that I HAVE to, I guess I can push the positivity up and say I know I will get there.

I will get a job.

I will get published.


Until then I will be in a darkened corner stuffing my face with chocolate as I wonder if I put the correct phone number on my applications or addressed the query to the right editor or if the third line in the fourth paragraph actually made grammatical sense.

Wish me luck–I think I need it!


4 thoughts on “Simultaneously submitting: the search for publication AND job hunting.

  1. It’s awful isn’t it – all those self doubts come home, but try to stay positive!! I hear you have a great writing voice, and I love your blog, so I don’t think it will be a long wait. Good luck!!

  2. A few years ago I was in the same boat- querying and job-hunting at the same time. I often had five rejections before breakfast. It was brutal!!

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