How Pinterest inspired this post…and hopefully another 364.

I usually start my posts with “It’s been a while…” and I want to change that.

While trawling ideas for myself and for a social media gig I have I came across this:

365 Words That Inspire

Following the link from Pinterest I read the words and immediately thought: Yes, this is for me.

One word a day, one blog a day, following the list down, 365 days, write anything that comes to mind with that word.

The post is from for art journal prompts, but I will be sure to let them know how much I as a writer (and fellow creative artist) can–and will–benefit from these prompts.

So let’s get started:

1) Happiness

Lots of things come to mind when I think of happiness. Let’s see if I can sort through them…

Things that make me happy:

  • Being grateful makes me happy. When I sit and think about all the people in my life I am grateful and I am happy. All the places I’ve been, the things I’ve experienced, the opportunities. My gratitude for them brings me happiness.
  • Sitting on a beach in sunlight. Sitting in sunlight in general. Despite how I can’t do it for too long (skin burning and what-not), I love to do it. Sitting on a beach, looking at the ocean, in sunlight, brings me a rare kind of contentment which I highly associate with happiness.
  • Food. Man oh man does food make me happy! I love food. Experimenting with it, researching it, reading about it, mostly eating it. Awesome food makes me happy.
  • Learning. Learning about things that interest me. I have just started a degree at USC (University of the Sunshine Coast) and I am loving it. Happiness every day.
  • Being creative. All kinds of creativity: writing, singing (even badly), creating things like images and content for the social media gig, so much fun. I am a little limited, like I love to research DIY projects even if I may not be able to do it myself (despite the acronym, I think yes, you can do it yourself, but I may not be able to) I think I like because I feel immersed in creativity, even if it’s not mine. Soaking up the creativity of others sprouts my own.
  • Puppy dogs. Puppies make me happy. I don’t have one yet (one day!!) but I love puppies. Seeing them run around on the beach, watching funny videos, oh puppies bring joy to my heart.

That’s a lot of happiness. I’m grateful for it. Look at that, I just made myself happier.

What brings you happiness?



3 thoughts on “How Pinterest inspired this post…and hopefully another 364.

  1. Seeing the family and friends that I love in my life being really happy brings me the best happiness I could wish for and planning for the future for travel and hopefully more grandchildren and being retired to enjoy them brings me much happiness, love mum xx

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