Writing prompt #2: Beauty.

Good Morning! Welcome to #2 in my 365 one word prompt challenge.

Today’s writing prompt is beauty.

beauty quote

Beauty. A much contested and controversial topic. Which is almost ironic really. It got me thinking how I view beauty.

In one of my classes at University, the lecturer always likes to give us the ancient versions of words to help us get a better understanding of the origin and original meaning of the word, so I’m going to do that here. Beauty comes from the French word “Beaute” which derives from the Latin word “Bellus” meaning beautiful, fine. There is also an Aramaic word pronounced “PaYOOtah” which has the same meaning. Beauty. Does anyone feel smarter for learning that? No, it didn’t help me much either. (That isn’t a dig at my Lecturer, I actually like the definitions he gives, this was more a point that this definition didn’t help in this situation.)

Next we have the dictionaries telling us that Beauty can be three things: 1) attractiveness, prettiness, good looks, allure, grace, elegance, glamour, irresistibility; 2) a beautiful woman, a vision, charmer, venus, goddess, English rose, seductress, stunner, bombshell (all feminine btw); 3) an advantage, attraction, benefit, asset, strong point, selling point, bonus (as in “the beauty of the capitalism is…)

So what have we learned now? Attractiveness can be an advantage and is particularly feminine word.

Is that what I think? Is that what you think?

I think beauty is something you feel. Both for yourself and for others. It is something you feel, not necessarily something you see.

I feel beautiful when my partner holds me close and whispers nice things to me–whether the comment is about my “beauty” or not, I feel beautiful when I dress up and do my hair and slather on some gloss (I’m not going to get into the physical aspect of this or how society may have shaped this, that is an entirely different and much longer post), I feel beautiful after I’ve had hot shower and I’m all fresh and clean and smelling nice, I feel beautiful when my Mum or family hug me. Yesterday, my partner took some new pictures for me for the blog and other social media places, and I’m not ashamed to say that when I looked at some of them, I felt a bit pretty inside. Some of them I didn’t look so fondly upon, but some of them captured not just how I look, but who I am, and those were the ones I liked.

Let me ask you, when you look at your child, your spouse, your friend, your mother, your pet, is their “beauty” purely their prettiness? Is it what you see? Is it not the beauty they possess in their heart and soul that you find to hold beauty? Do you see beauty because of the way they make you feel?

Perhaps beauty isn’t as much in the eye of the beholder, as it is in the heart of the beholden.

Feeling beautiful is sometimes about seeing things inside ourselves we are proud of. There is only one you, why shouldn’t you be proud?

Another aspect I want to touch on but not dwell on is how we sometimes feel we aren’t allowed to express happiness for our own beauty. What is that? Why is it that when I wrote that I thought I “looked nice” that I almost cringe. Shouldn’t we be embracing the beauty in ourselves? Whether that beauty is something we SEE that is beautiful about ourselves or something we FEEL that is beautiful in our personalities, in who we are, shouldn’t we be able to express it?

Something about being Modest has led to a belief we shouldn’t express pride in ourselves. As if this will lead people around us to believe we are arrogant. Firstly, believing in ourselves means we shouldn’t worry about how others perceive us, and secondly: There is a difference between pride and arrogance.

Okay so I got a little off track.

Beauty can mean a lot of things. I see beauty in my friends and family, in those people I hold closest to my heart. I am attracted and drawn to these people through who they are. They are irresistible to me as I cannot imagine my life without them, they benefit my life by simply being apart of it. They are beautiful.

I am beautiful. And so are you.


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