Writing prompt #3: Sleep.

It’s rather poetic that I am writing this post late at night, after a full day at uni, followed by an evening of delicious stomach-filling dinner at a friends place with several glasses of wine. I want sleep. I know that I have so much work to do. But all I want it sleep.

I’m caught in that in between phase where you almost reach an unearthly level of despair because you aren’t sure whether you should sleep or plough on. To carry on means you may drown in a pool of your own tears or make friends with unicorns. To surrender now means to set an alarm that will NOT get you out of bed at the ungodly optimistic hour just before dawn to get the work done then that you should be doing now.

In these moments it is almost certain that you should go to bed. Really, can you honestly produce something productive and worthy of the world in that state? Is this worthy of an entrance into the world? Don’t answer that.

But, as mentioned on the flip side, to go to bed means you must adhere to the will of the evil alarm clock. Seriously, that “snooze” button is just too easy to press.

Right now, this is what sleep is to me. A state in between waking that allows a brief reprieve from the over-workings of a confused mind.

I’m sure a post written immediately after waking would be entirely different. Even the thought of waking produces different thoughts in my brain. Waking means a new day, a new day with possibilities. A new day that usually starts with sunshine, coffee, and a hug. If that’s not incentive to have a nice sleep, I don’t know what is.

See you tomorrow! xx


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