Writing prompt #5 Imagination

When I read this prompt I was for some reason filled with a kind of anxiety. Frequently when I feel pressured to be “creative” because I’m a “writer” and I’m supposed to be creative, my heart begins to race and I get sweaty. 

For example a week or so ago in a class at uni, I remember one of the guys saying “You’re the creative one, you’ll come up with something.” Gah! The pressure! Let me be creative in my own time dammit! I’m not one of those people who can perform well under pressure. I’d be useless on a skit show that required improvisation. 

Anyway, once I chilled myself out I started looking at Pinterest for inspiration. I love Pinterest, I think it’s a wonderful place to garner ideas. There are some great quotes and lines from books about imagination. 

I like this one by Pablo Picasso: “Everything you can imagine is real.”


The scope of imagination is limitless. I like that with a quote like this you can say that the craziest or scariest things you can imagine are real somewhere, but by the same token, so are the most amazing, wonderful, loveliest things. Any future you can imagine, any life, any afterlife, all of it–if you can imagine it, it is real. 

Something like this gives me hope. It works on so many levels, the most relevant to me are believing in my future and in myself. If I can imagine a novel concept I can make it real. If I can imagine my future, it will become so. Wonderful positive thinking here. 

My imagination has always been wonderfully active. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even keep up with the ideas, I can’t get them all down, and focusing on one thing at a time has been near impossible. But, I’ve been following my passion for writing the past few years, and with that I feel a new kind of focus I’ve never felt before.

It has been freeing. With the honing in on desire and giving over to the dream, I feel like my imagination is more alive than ever, but instead of being uncontrollable it is…I don’t know how to describe…It feels wonderful, and right. I love setting my mind free. I feel like the more you use your imagination the more you can imagine. It’s like a muscle. My mind muscle of imagination. 

Reading back over this, I can see the drifting of thoughts even within it, but that’s okay. My future is exciting. Writing is in it. I can imagine it, so it must be true. 


3 thoughts on “Writing prompt #5 Imagination

  1. You have such a creative & beautiful blog! Writing is the best, and if you love it, chasing it in a career or in your future sounds amazing 🙂 I think I’ve come to a similar conclusion x

    • Wow thanks so much! Sorry for my slow reply, I didn’t see your comment until now! Yes, writing is the best, sometimes it just takes a while to give yourself over to it 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by and the best of luck with your writing adventure too!

    • Sorry for such a late reply Lauren! I thought I had. Technology does funny things sometimes doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on my blog 🙂 Writing is pretty wonderful isn’t it? Hope you’re having fun chasing your dreams! x

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