Writing Prompt #7: Give


A word that doesn’t easily prompt anything for me. It means something to me, to be sure, but it is a hard word prompt.

To give. Do I give?

Am I giving?

Whoa, there’s a mind blowing question. Am. I. Giving?

Am I giving of myself, my time, my love, my money? If I am, what do I give more of? Am I giving of what is most important (answering the question of what of those things is more important than the other)?

Questions like this have the capacity to make us second ourselves and our world. Can we do more? Can we do and give more of ourselves in some way? Is it possible?

Sometimes we shy away from questions like these as we fear that looking too deeply may reveal a lack of giving or a layer of selfishness we don’t really want to see. Sometimes it can be saddening to see things we want to give to but don’t have the resources, or wonder what can one person really do?

I believe in the giving of love. I believe in giving love to oneself, giving love to others, loving the world and all it has to offer. I believe that giving love is vital to a happy life and nourished soul.

It took me a long time to write this post. I’ve been contemplating it for about two weeks, unsure of how to tackle it, what to say about the word “give”.

For lack of better words, I will leave you with this short video which I think compliments this post.

“Unsung Hero” A Thai Life Insurance Ad that makes me think!

What does the word “give” mean to you?


6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #7: Give

  1. Here’s a little secret: The more you give to others, the more you give to yourself. I love that you were honest with this word. Challenge yourself to “give” to others for a week, (giving doesn’t always have a financial price), and keep a log about how it makes you feel. It should GIVE you a brand new perspective on things, GIVE you a sense of pride, and ultimately, it will GIVE you more inner peace than you’ll ever imagine. You have to give genuinely though, and watch it change you. 🙂

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