Writing prompt #5 Imagination

When I read this prompt I was for some reason filled with a kind of anxiety. Frequently when I feel pressured to be “creative” because I’m a “writer” and I’m supposed to be creative, my heart begins to race and I get sweaty. 

For example a week or so ago in a class at uni, I remember one of the guys saying “You’re the creative one, you’ll come up with something.” Gah! The pressure! Let me be creative in my own time dammit! I’m not one of those people who can perform well under pressure. I’d be useless on a skit show that required improvisation.  Continue reading

Writing prompt #4: Garden

Okay, so I missed three days. Bugger. But it’s nothing to freak out about. I have learnt over the years things just have to happen in their own time. Sometimes, life has other plans for you and you just have to stop, relax, smell the roses, and enjoy their scent. If you are anxious over the things that don’t get done “just right” you might miss the beauty and delights the world has to offer. So with that in mind, instead of skipping the three posts to “catch up”, I’m going to continue in order and write about the number 4 prompt, which is “Garden”. It may take me a thousand days to get the 365 posts done, but that’s okay. Continue reading

Simultaneously submitting: the search for publication AND job hunting.

So, le boyfriend and I returned from the world tour at the beginning of May. Since then we have made our way from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, back down to Nambucca for a wedding, up to Hamilton Island for a birthday, and finally back to the Sunshine Coast where we have secured and moved into our new house.

In between all that flitting around I have sent off manuscript submissions with personalised synopses, query letters and a perfectly edited manuscript to publishers, and many job applications with personalised cover letters and resumes. Continue reading

Thought process of Men VS Women, via the film “Drinking Buddies”

The another night, boyfriend (herein known as “BF”) and I were watching a movie called “Drinking Buddies” (2013), which has been filmed like an indie film (which we love watching) AND has a great cast: Anna Kendrick (Twilight, Pitch Perfect, on BF’s “list”), Olivia Wilde (The O.C, House M.D, general hot chick), Jake M. Johnson (Tv: New Girl) and Ron Livingston (who I remember mostly for his role as Carrie’s shitty boyfriend “Berger” in Sex and the City. Spoiler: he is a shitty bf here too.) Continue reading