Writing prompt #3: Sleep.

It’s rather poetic that I am writing this post late at night, after a full day at uni, followed by an evening of delicious stomach-filling dinner at a friends place with several glasses of wine. I want sleep. I know that I have so much work to do. But all I want it sleep.

I’m caught in that in between phase where you almost reach an unearthly level of despair because you aren’t sure whether you should sleep or plough on. To carry on means you may drown in a pool of your own tears or make friends with unicorns. To surrender now means to set an alarm that will NOT get you out of bed at the ungodly optimistic hour just before dawn to get the work done then that you should be doing now. Continue reading

How Pinterest inspired this post…and hopefully another 364.

I usually start my posts with “It’s been a while…” and I want to change that.

While trawling ideas for myself and for a social media gig I have I came across this:

365 Words That Inspire

Following the link from Pinterest I read the words and immediately thought: Yes, this is for me.

One word a day, one blog a day, following the list down, 365 days, write anything that comes to mind with that word.

The post is from artjournalist.com for art journal prompts, but I will be sure to let them know how much I as a writer (and fellow creative artist) can–and will–benefit from these prompts.

So let’s get started:

1) Happiness

Lots of things come to mind when I think of happiness. Let’s see if I can sort through them…

Things that make me happy:

  • Being grateful makes me happy. When I sit and think about all the people in my life I am grateful and I am happy. All the places I’ve been, the things I’ve experienced, the opportunities. My gratitude for them brings me happiness.
  • Sitting on a beach in sunlight. Sitting in sunlight in general. Despite how I can’t do it for too long (skin burning and what-not), I love to do it. Sitting on a beach, looking at the ocean, in sunlight, brings me a rare kind of contentment which I highly associate with happiness.
  • Food. Man oh man does food make me happy! I love food. Experimenting with it, researching it, reading about it, mostly eating it. Awesome food makes me happy.
  • Learning. Learning about things that interest me. I have just started a degree at USC (University of the Sunshine Coast) and I am loving it. Happiness every day.
  • Being creative. All kinds of creativity: writing, singing (even badly), creating things like images and content for the social media gig, so much fun. I am a little limited, like I love to research DIY projects even if I may not be able to do it myself (despite the acronym, I think yes, you can do it yourself, but I may not be able to) I think I like because I feel immersed in creativity, even if it’s not mine. Soaking up the creativity of others sprouts my own.
  • Puppy dogs. Puppies make me happy. I don’t have one yet (one day!!) but I love puppies. Seeing them run around on the beach, watching funny videos, oh puppies bring joy to my heart.

That’s a lot of happiness. I’m grateful for it. Look at that, I just made myself happier.

What brings you happiness?


The space between the blog posts.

Hey guys!

Admiring the view from the top of the island where the ruins of the castle of "King Arthur" and his legend remains.

Admiring the view from the top of the island where the ruins of the castle of “King Arthur” and his legend remains.

Everyone who know me knows that I am a woman of multiple neurosis? who is easily distracted by shiny things? many hobbies. I love to talk, sing, drink wine, explore, read, give hugs, discuss the big matters of the world (and the small), buy kitchen gadgets, watch supernaturally themed TV shows, bake gluten and dairy free Anzac biscuits and take photos of my food. Among other things. I’m 29 (and so not ready to grow up) and believe that life should be lived with joy and passion.

My passions, many listed above, also include writing and travelling.  Continue reading

Introducing Nevaeh Eaton, my main character from Finding Heaven.

Okay, so I realise now my last post may have been slightly depressing. Especially to anyone waking up in the morning and reading it. So here I thought I’d balance it out with a except from a scene that has as much depth but is from the lighter side of life.

Nevaeh Eaton is my main character, FInding Heaven is told from her perspective, following the story of her first love from age twelve to twenty-six.

Eager to hear your thoughts:

That weekend we went to Burleigh Heads. All our friends were there, we sat on a multitude of picnic blankets on the hill watching the sun go down. I sat between his legs, his breath tickling my ears. He told me that I was right – our lives were just beginning. As the sun dipped below the horizon the sky was a plethora of colour. Blue, orange, pink, and green ribbons streaked across the sky.

‘Do you see that colour there?’ I asked. ‘The green in between the blue and the orange?’

‘Yes,’ Travis replied.

‘That’s the colour of your eyes.’

I could feel his smile against my cheek. I would often stare into his eyes, losing myself. I would forget time and place, and people around me. Travis ran his palm the length of my arm, his touch so tender. The feeling of skin to skin, it’s something that’s hard to describe, impossible to forget.

‘Is it?’ His voice was a melody, a vibration that melted my insides to honey.

‘Yep.’ I knew the smile on my face was the physical affirmation of the blazing happiness I had inside myself. I truly believed life just couldn’t get any better. ‘It’s always so hard to describe, the colour of your eyes. But that’s it, right there. The green in the sky after sunset.’


Have a good weekend!! xx

Switching mediums to stimulate creative energy.

Does anyone else experience the thing where words literally appear in your head? Of their own free will? Almost like a movie. You aren’t actually creating them, you are just the vessel for the muses unreliable spirit. She is the real being in control of those words, when she speaks you must write, if you don’t the words swirl round and round and drive you crazy. And how when she’s on vacation in the Bahamas (the bitch) you sit at your desk, chin in palm, gazing out into a void of blank pages in utter despair? That’s how I feel it is for me. Perhaps I’m nuts. BUT! I know that if I’ve got something to say, or a character has something to say, I hear it – or see it – in my head first. It flows into my head in surround sound and I get it down one way or another.

Sometimes, however, there is no movie playing.

I often find that switching up the medium of creativity, can help coax my muse from her sun-bed and come play with me for a while. I’m not particularly good at much else (never ask me to draw), but if I’m stuck for creativity, which really bums me out, some things can stimulate the creative pulse.

A few of my favourite pastimes are reading, cooking and listening to music. Although reading is more of a guilty pleasure. It might stimulate my review-post mind but not so much when it comes to my work in progress.

Cooking may not seem to some to be creative, but it definitely is. For one, it invokes your senses. Art, the product of creativity, is a physical manifestation of the senses. Hence why people react to it in such emotive ways. Cooking involves using your senses as well as the using the mind. Getting your hands involved in the textures of the ingredients (baking cookies I find is especially good for hands), teasing your sense of smell, using it and your mind to pair the right herbs and spices, your sense of taste to check for balance – sweet, tart, sour, spice. The happy vibe always shoots down my spine when the finished product is gobbled up.

After about a month with basically no computer as my previous one had died, I had a few days free this past week with my brand new computer. You would think it a perfect time for me to get a few words down. But alas, the movie wasn’t playing.

So in the 3 spare days, I did something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I made a movie of my own. Well, video actually. It is a compilation of some footage and images taken over the last 5 months of my travels. It is posted to the YouTube channel linked to the travel blog my partner and I created called Eat. Seek. Travel., please pop over if travel interests you and take a look. I’m so excited by the video I have posted it below.

While I was making it, and closer to it’s completion, I felt that rush I get when I really like a scene I’ve just written, or when a plot point falls into place. The happiness and sense of accomplishment that you have created something out of nothing. It got me using my senses, it got me to focus and concentrate while letting my sense of “what feels right” flow.

I also think that sometimes we pressure ourselves so much to write, or to paint, or to do whatever it is we usually enjoy, because we feel we should or we have to, we inadvertently take the enjoyment out of it and it takes on a chore-like essence. Creativity takes place in many forms. The next time you are feeling stumped, try your hand at another art form and enjoy the simple pleasure you get from setting your imagination free. You never know what you might create. Whether it’s art or whether it’s dinner, it’s sure to be fun.