The space between the blog posts.

Hey guys!

Admiring the view from the top of the island where the ruins of the castle of "King Arthur" and his legend remains.

Admiring the view from the top of the island where the ruins of the castle of “King Arthur” and his legend remains.

Everyone who know me knows that I am a woman of multiple neurosis? who is easily distracted by shiny things? many hobbies. I love to talk, sing, drink wine, explore, read, give hugs, discuss the big matters of the world (and the small), buy kitchen gadgets, watch supernaturally themed TV shows, bake gluten and dairy free Anzac biscuits and take photos of my food. Among other things. I’m 29 (and so not ready to grow up) and believe that life should be lived with joy and passion.

My passions, many listed above, also include writing and travelling.  Continue reading

Ahhhhh, GREAT LITERATURE! Thank-you Oscar Wilde!

I have not yet finished ‘The picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde, but it is inspiring in me feelings that arise when reading something truly well written. I am captured by the prose, the dialogue, the characters – I want to fist-pump the air and say “YES! This is why people read!”

A remarkable quote that captured my interest this morning goes as follows:

“That is one of the secrets of life. Nowadays most people die of a sort of creeping common sense, and discover when it is too late that the only things one never regrets are one’s mistakes.”

 – said by Lord Henry Wotton. Continue reading

You’re not JEALOUS are you?

Suspecting wife Gina confronts innocent husband Marcus “White Chicks”

Jealousy. We are all afflicted with it at some point. It’s a terrible, dirty thing. Jealousy is that emotion that rips your guts apart, makes you want to cry from anxiety, growl in anger, makes you swallow your own tongue and direct a great deep burning wad of pain at (more often than not) another person. I can’t remember a time or a story of someone being jealous of an actual thing, it’s usually something another person possesses. It’s not even the other person themselves, it’s just something that they have that you don’t. Continue reading

Acceptance – a message from your heart and soul.

I had a yoga class tonight, the first one in weeks (possibly a month or two…) and it was awesome! Bikram yoga really does put your body, mind and soul through its paces.

I had my favourite instructor Mara on tonight- she always has such lovely things to say, and something she said tonight really struck a chord with me (well two things, the other I have already posted on “living in tolerance”).

The mind isn’t meant to comprehend some things. We have our 5 physical senses, and then the 6th sense – the mind, which is what makes sense of everything your senses collect. But sometimes the mind isn’t meant to understand what is around us. You just have to let it be.

Mara talked about the thoughts in your head that go round and round, the ones that come back over and over; your mind struggles to comprehend them, make sense of the insensible.  Some things aren’t meant to be understood by the mind, they are matters of the heart and the soul.

A few days ago a was sitting by myself on the beach after work with a notebook and the sound of the ocean. It was nice to sit and take in what was around me, but there were thoughts in my mind that kept going around and around. Making clutter. I was trying to write down what was going on and tried to make sense of my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions and the reactions I have to certain things and people in my life.

I sat on the beach for an hour, until it got chilly, then moved to the hill in the park behind the beach. Under lamp light I continued to write. I was confused and ached in my heart for reasons I couldn’t understand, nor even comprehend.

Eventually it dawned on me… Acceptance. Acceptance is the key sometimes. It isn’t always about having an answer, or making sense. Sometimes in life there are questions you just don’t have the answers to, and may never have the answers to. Sometimes you have to stop asking why, and accept the current state without questioning why it is so. Just because your mind doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real, or you don’t feel it. They are matters for the heart and the soul, somewhere deep inside you there is peace, it begins with acceptance.

Write from a place of passion

I’ve been gone a while. Well to be fair I’ve only written 3 posts so far on Wordleberry. I had such high hopes and ambitions for this blog, and don’t get me wrong – I haven’t given up and I know that I love to write.

So where have I been? I have still been writing, which is good. I have been working on another blog (Wordleberry is jealous I’ve been spending time on another blog, but I won’t hide it), on issues that are close to my heart …. my health.

I have suffered my whole life with asthma, eczema, allergies, and digestive issues, and after finally seeing an excellent naturopath and having some food tolerance testing done, I am on a path to better health [the path consists of a strict diet and foul tonic, but not forever, it’s worth it!]. Some people say that knowledge is power, which it is, but knowledge is also something to be shared. What I go through and learn and the recipes I make are to be shared with others who may have similar conditions, know of someone with similar conditions, might just be looking for information or perhaps a healthier life in general, and why not share it? If I can be there for someone who has been searching for a cause, for a recipe, for someone who knows what it’s like, why shouldn’t I? Knowledge opens minds and changes perspectives on life and how to live, and I’m happy to share whatever I know, I think I’ll probably benefit more and learn a lot myself in the process!

So why am I on here? Well I have been feeling the puppy dog eyes from Wordleberry every time I  log in and throw a ball with Living In Tolerance (the other blog) and something I was blogging about the other day reminded me of Wordleberry. I was saying how you only have one body to work with, why not change a couple of little things that you eat that have the potential make a massive difference in your life, your health is vital to you living a joyful life – look after your body  (for more about that post click here). It got me thinking about my mind – about how I do love to use it, but could definitely use it better. I don’t want to look back and think “I wish I’d spent more time writing”, or something along those lines. I have been feeling like such a procrastinator lately, I see so many writer/author friends pushing on and persevering with their writing on a daily basis, wonderful people with families and full-time jobs, and they are so committed to it! A fair few are going to the Romance Writers Australia conference which starts in three days WHERE I LIVE (Gold Coast, Australia) and I’m not even going! I live walking distance (who am I kidding? bike-riding distance) from the exhibition centre, and would be meeting so many of the lovely writers I connect with all the time, plus gain a wealth of knowledge, have a fantastic time I’m sure! But no.

Thinking about that kinda gets me down a bit. A few years ago I was very much into my writing, I was working on a novel and so involved in blogging, connecting, going to conferences and festivals…. and yes I then went through a fairly sad year with a marriage falling apart, and work is crazy busy, and I’m broke – BUT! I’m sure that THESE EXCUSES are INVALID as I know these writers will have busted their arses to get to this conference. Another part of me doesn’t want to get caught up in feeling bad about this because I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason, everything will come in it’s own time, and that you can’t expect something you don’t work for. I love to write (clearly! This was supposed to be a 5 line post…), and I love to read, and have great respect for writers, but maybe my path is just a little different. One thing the diet has taught me is if you want it bad enough, if your motivation is strong enough, you can do whatever you want. I was told to cut out so many things from my diet, and I could have decided to be naughty and not follow it, but my health wouldn’t get any better, my life wouldn’t change. Thus, I change! My motivation towards a better future is strong enough that it is driving me to stick to the plan and come up with creative delicious meals to keep me on the path.

Turning it around even more (yay for positive thinking!) one joyful thing for me right now is that “Living In Tolerance” is combining body & mind in several ways at the moment – I am exercising my mind, being able to write about something that is really important to me and that I really care about, sharing what I’m learning with others, and improving my health.

All of this is leading to me thinking that you need to write about what is important to you at the time. Write about what you are passionate about, because it comes through in your writing and is what makes people read to the next line, your passion is what makes your writing interesting and believable. Right now taking care of myself and finding out more about myself is what is important, so I’m going to write about that. Perhaps I even need to think about the way I use Wordleberry, and really it can be whatever I want it to be! It started as the joy of the written word, maybe I just haven’t expanded my mind to all the words out there!

My final thought for the day is this:

Write from your heart, write from who you are, what moves you, pains you, excites you. Write from a place of passion. It’s real, and everyone who reads it will feel it.